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Projects from the Past

In 2006, Deryn co-founded a Student-Run Record Label at Florida State University dedicated to providing a free service for student musicians to advance their musical careers. Although Deryn is no longer CEO, she provides help and mentorship to the students who run Renegade State Records to this day. She is happy to support such a great non-profit company and hopes they will continue to thrive for many years. Below are just some of the artists she worked with during her time with the company. See if you can guess which ones received a cameo appearance from her on violin and backup vocals!

Renegade State Records and Sessions at 211 

Sessions at 211 was the first album released by RSR. Renegade State Records is now more active than ever as a major part of the College of Music and Florida State University student life. Check out their latest projects using the link below.



Renegade State Records

Official Webpage 

High School

Fifth Orange

A lot of crazy things happened in High School, including that time Deryn played in a garage band called Fifth Orange. They never won the Orlando Battle of the Bands, but they came in a close second and made a couple killer recordings in a closet.

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